Parent Teacher Association

PTA Committee

Birkbeck Primary School Parent and Teacher Association is a registered Charity Reg no: 1138849 and have a constitution and must follow the rules and regulations associated with our Charity status and have Trustees.

We are extremely lucky to have a core team of talented parents who run events and help out at most of our events supporting the PTA in whichever way they can. Without their support, suggestions and hard work none of our events would ever run.

Donna O’Connor – Chair

I have 2 children who currently attend Birkbeck and another child at University who also attended Birkbeck.  I previously worked in Banking in London and I am just finishing my Teaching Assistant Course. I run a weekly toddler group and help organise a monthly Messy Church. I started attending PTA meetings 6 years ago. I joined the PTA to help raise money for the school, make new friends and get to know how the school works and I have happily achieved all 3. The PTA has made me appreciate the importance of team work and how Birkbeck School and the wider community benefit from this.

Alison Yeung – Secretary

I have 1 child in Birkbeck and 1 at Secondary School. I am a Nursery Assistant and own a hobby turned business. My family joined Birkbeck in 2015 having relocated from Cambridge. I joined the PTA because I enjoy volunteering and meeting new people. I want to set a good example for my children to see, offering help can be very rewarding and fun.

Ann Chattaway – Treasurer

I am a mum of 3 children, 2 who are at Birkbeck and 1 now at Secondary School. I am also a teacher within the school. I have been treasurer of the PTA for the last 3 years but joined nearly 10 years ago. It was and is a great way to make new friends and to feel part of the Birkbeck Community. I enjoy being part of the team and often enlist the rest of my family in helping at events, helping to raise money for the benefit of the children.

PTA Minutes January 2017