Our Vision

At Birkbeck Primary School we are developing confident, successful children with a natural love of learning, through setting high aspirations and an inspirational curriculum where everybody is valued.

We have created our vision taking into account the values expressed by children, staff, parents and governors. 

Our ethos

1.  To value children as individuals: celebrating their achievements and supporting their individual needs within a framework of equality.

2.  To provide opportunities for social, moral, spiritual and cultural development so that children value and respect their own and other cultures.

3.  To encourage children to accept personal responsibility for their own behaviour and to be caring and sensitive towards the needs of others and the environment through perseverance and resilience.


School Motto:

Our school Motto is Dream, Believe and Achieve supports the hardworking and collaborative ethos at Birkbeck Primary School where we have high aspirations of all of our pupils.