Maths Passports

What is the Maths Passport?

This is an innovative and exciting new way for children at Birkbeck to learn and understand the instant recall facts. These are the basic skills that all children need to know in order to assist their mathematical thinking. Knowing key instant recall facts will allow your children to access a wide range of mental maths knowledge, which they can draw upon in order to increase their fluency when solving mathematical problems. 

How will the Maths Passports work?

The children will each have a passport: one for EYFS/KS1 and another for KS2. These will be kept in school as a record of the children’s progress. The children will need to demonstrate to their teacher that they are secure in their understanding of the objective by completing this in a given time limit. All the objectives have been drawn from the national curriculum and are appropriate for each age group.

The children will be asked to learn the current challenge and will be tested on this in school by answering a variety of questions relating to each objective.

When a child is successful and completes all the challenges in their year group continent they will receive a certificate and be celebrated in key stage assembly among their peers. When a child completes their entire passport they will meet with myself and receive a special award for their efforts and achievements.

The mastery curriculum we teach at Birkbeck encourages children to deepen their understanding rather than accelerate. If a child achieves their continent before the school year comes to an end they will be set extra challenges by their teacher to further extend and deepen their understanding of their year group objectives. They will not move on to the next continent until they move up to the next year group.

How will my child’s achievements be celebrated?

If your child can demonstrate that they understand the objective and can complete the challenge with no errors in under 10 minutes they will be awarded bronze, if they complete it with no errors in under 5 minutes they will receive silver and if they complete the challenge with no errors in under 3 minutes they will receive gold. When a child has reached gold for their objective they can move on to learning the next one.

How can I help my child at home?

We would ask that you spend 10 minutes each day practising your child’s passport skills with them. This could be walking to school, in the car, at teatime, before bed – it doesn’t need to be a sit down, formal time. The objectives will also be covered in class as part of the national curriculum teaching. 

A number of quick links and games are available on the left hand side of this page for your child to use at home.