The introduction of the Computing curriculum in England aims to equip pupils with the knowledge, understanding and skills to use information and communication technology creatively and purposefully. A key aspect of this lies in being digitally literate. Online technologies play a huge role and so providing a broad and balanced online safety education at each key stage is vital to ensuring that pupils can navigate the online world safely and positively.

At Birkbeck Primary School we teach our pupils how to be safe "online".

In Reception and KS1 we use resources from the CEOP Think u Know website to teach internet safety. 

In KS2 pupils learn about the SMART rules.

Here is our policy below:

Instagram Parent Guide

E-Safety, Internet and Acceptable Use Policy

February 2018 E-Safety and Social Media Meeting Notes

Internet Matters Website

April 19th 2018 E-Safety Meeting Year 5 and 6 Parent/Pupil Workshop

Roblox Parent Guide

Fortnite Parent Guide

E-Safety S.M.A.R.T Rules Poster